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Fic: "Virginities" (Heroes - Elle/Claire/Gretchen - NC-17)

Title: “Virginities”
Author: erimthar
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Claire/Elle/Gretchen
Disclaimer: “Heroes” is the property of NBC Universal
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit f/f/f sexual content
Notes: Just a little PWP I've wanted to write for a long time. Read my previous Claire/Elle stories if you want to know why Elle is alive, why she and Claire are together, and why lucky Gretchen gets to play with both.
Word count: 3,515


Gretchen Berg, topless and blindfolded, leaned back and snuggled her pillow, grinning dreamily as her two favorite blondes made love to her breasts.

Claire and Elle both had their hair tied back, and made sure not to say or vocalize anything as they suckled her.  Even a moan or grunt would give the game away, because of their differing vocal tones.

Gretchen sighed blissfully. “I’m guessing Claire on my right and Elle on my left,” she said.  And she was right.

“Okay, how did you know?” Claire asked her.

“Because you go right for the sucking straight off. Most girls I've been with start with kissing or licking my nipples, but you go right into that suck, release… suck, release rhythm. Which is really, really nice, by the way. This is nowhere near a complaint. As for Elle, she can’t help biting a little.”

Elle winced. “Oooh. Sorry about that.”

Gretchen pulled up one side of her blindfold and peeked at Elle. “Actually, my only problem is that you don’t bite a little harder.”

“You like it?”

“Oh, I like it a whole lot. Especially while Claire is doing her special thing on the other side. Gotta say, getting your jugs double-teamed by Claire Bennet and Elle Bishop? Priceless.”

“Well, you give us lots of great material to work with,” Claire said, giving both of Gretchen’s glistening boobs little smacks and watching them jiggle. “I'm glad at least one of us three has a fully-loaded sweater.”

“Speaking of sweater contents,” Gretchen said, sitting up and pulling off the blindfold. “Shirts and bras off, both of you. Neither of you are going to sleep tonight without getting the same treatment I just got.”

Elle grinned at Claire and started unbuttoning her blouse. “You heard the nice lady, Claire. Let’s see your tits. Girls, go wild.”

Claire grinned back at Elle, and started stripping.

“You know,” Gretchen said, ogling both of her lovers in turn, “neither of you newbies have ever had a double-tongue, have you? I mean, you sure haven’t done it with me, and I don’t think you’ve ever had a threesome without me, have you?”

“No,” said Claire. “What are you talking about? All I understood of that was threesome.”

“Two tongues between your legs at the same time. One lickee, two lickers, cheek to cheek. Pretty much the ultimate in muff-munching. It feels amazing.”

Elle raised her eyebrows. “And you’ve done that?”

“Once. Um, with a married couple. Which makes me sound like a total slut, but in my defense I'd like to point out that nobody was cheating!”

Claire exchanged a look and a smile with Elle. “Sounds good to me.”

“Sounds way better than good to me,” Elle agreed.

“Awesome,” Gretchen said. Now, there’s three combinations here. Cheerleader and nerd on electro-girl. Nerd and electro-girl on cheerleader. Cheerleader and electro-girl on nerd.  We're gonna do all three, of course, but wanna role a six-sided die to see who goes on her back first? A one or two means Elle, and three or four is Claire…”

“God, you really are a nerd,” moaned Claire. “I think Elle should go first.”

“Me?” Elle looked around, beaming like she'd just won an Oscar. “Why me?”

“Because I love you,” Claire said simply.

Elle opened and closed her mouth, swallowing back the smart-ass comment she'd been all set to deliver.

“Besides,” Claire continued with a grin, “those big fat puffy lips and that ridiculously huge clit of yours are a full meal, and Gretch and I don't want to do this on an empty stomach.”

Elle blushed to her ears. “Oh, come on. My tickle-button might be a little bigger than average.”

“It's the size of a grape,” Gretchen told her.

“It is not! Okay, maybe the size of a chili bean. Or a cashew, on a really good day...”

“Elle,” Claire said sternly. “Shut up and pull down your pants.”

“Okay, okay.” Elle started to unbutton her jeans. “Will no one have mercy on this poor inexperienced new-lesbian?” She fluttered her eyelashes dramatically.

“No,” Claire and Gretchen said together.

“That’s what I was hoping,” Elle purred, as she slid her pants down to her ankles. “But Gretchen, darling… afterwards, you’re going to have a brand-new experience as well. No more putting it off.”

“Uh-oh,” Gretchen said meekly.

“Uh-oh is right,” Elle said, slipping off her thong. “If you think you’ve got butterflies in the stomach now, wait till I get a hold of you.”

Gretchen shivered. “Fine. I’ll do it. But Elle, right now I’m wondering why you’re not on your back with those beautiful legs wide open.”

Elle assumed the requested position. “Don’t think you can get out of this by killing me first with orgasms, Berg.”

“I make no guarantees. C’mere, Claire. We’re going in.”

*    *    *    *    *

Elle survived her treatment (barely) with the help of a pillow, which she clutched to her chest with both arms, occasionally biting it and screaming into it as she shook and shuddered, tears of ecstasy running down into her ears and hair. She quickly learned not to fight the wonderful licky, kissy, nibbly, sucky, wiggly, tickly sensations that Claire and Gretchen were giving her, and just let the orgasms happen.

It was also a good excuse to shed her tears of love and joy without it being a big emotional scene that required talking. If they got talking about it, the conversation would inevitably turn to how little Elle deserved anybody's love, much less a heavenly gift of pleasure like she was receiving right now.

She still woke up crying sometimes at night, from the nightmares and the memories. She knew that the horrible things she'd one in the past had been due to her brain being systematically raped and broken... on the orders of her own father, no less. When Claire had her brought back to life and her burned, charred body had been restored to pristine condition, the brain damage had been healed as well.

And with time, Elle was beginning to accept that she wasn't an evil person, and never had been... at least, not by her own choice. Maybe with even more time, the guilt would start to go away and she'd begin to feel worthy of the most awesome woman in the world.

Not to mention their adorable friend-with-benefits, saucy Gretchen, the spice to Claire's sugar and the pepper to her salt. Who at this very moment was lapping away at Elle's taint while the hot blonde cheerleader with the long, pointy tongue made a meal of the aforementioned grape/chili bean/cashew.

“Ooooooooh, sweet holy goddess of fuck, help me,” Elle moaned under her breath, and had another orgasm.

*    *    *    *    *

Claire took no pillow to muffle herself when it was her turn, choosing to go ahead and make the windows rattle. She was a healthy, athletic young girl with no fear of pain or injury, and Gretchen voiced some concern about whether the bed frame could survive her enthusiasm. But hey... it would be an adventure.

“Now, Gretchen,” Elle said before they started, “I've noticed that no matter how many times I go down on Miss Bennet here, she can never last more than thirty seconds without blowing her gasket. Is it just my incredible cunnilingus skills, or does Claire's regeneration cause her to re-set to Horny Virgin status after each climax?”

“I don't know, Claire,” Gretchen replied. “She's just as quick on the trigger with me. But then, I am an experienced kitty-licker.”

“You are indeed,” Elle agreed. She picked Gretchen's reading glasses up off the nightstand and put them on, giving herself an academic look despite her nudity. “Now, Miss Bennet, you were a virgin when the two of us had our first sexual encounter, correct?”

“Seriously, guys?” Claire said from her position on her back.

“Just answer the question, please.”

Sigh. “Yes, I was a virgin.”

“And had you ever experienced an orgasm before that point?”

“What? Of course.”

“Please explain.”

“You've gotta be kidding.”

Elle cleared her throat sternly.

Claire sighed again. “I masturbated.”

“How much?”

“I don't know. A lot. What, do you want a detailed play-by-play summary? Okay. The year is 2003. Claire Bennet is sitting in a bathtub in Odessa, Texas, when she discovers...”

“Ahem, that's okay. I think we have enough information to go on. Miss Berg, I think the conclusion is clear. Miss Bennet's lack of staying power is due to the fact that we are both so fucking awesome at what we do.”

“I concur.”

“Speaking of which, would you like to go first, or shall I?” Elle gestured at Claire's open legs.

“Both of us at the same time,” Gretchen decided.

Claire clenched her teeth and her fists, taking several deep breaths and psyching herself up. I'll show these smug bitches I can last longer than thirty seconds.

Six seconds later... maybe eight... Claire squirted all over both their faces.

Gretchen gasped and sputtered in surprise. “Holy crap, Claire...”

Elle grinned from behind Gretchen's glasses, which she was still wearing, and which were now completely smeared with cheerleader juice.

“Interesting,” she said. “Very interesting. Miss Bennet, how do you feel about this turn of events?”

Ggggg... ggg.... hrrrrr...” Claire replied.

“Uh huh. Go on.”

*    *    *    *    *

“You two blondies sure you’re not both virgins?” Gretchen teased them. “Be sure to adjust your corsages before we head back into the prom. We wouldn’t want the chaperones to get suspicious.”

“Oh, you will suffer for your taunts, girl-licker,” Elle promised her.

Gretchen eagerly assumed the pelvic-exam position, but Elle and Claire made no move. They just knelt there on either side of her arched legs, grinning down at her wickedly.

“What? What?

“Now?” Claire asked Elle.


Claire clambered between Gretchen’s legs, then gently lowered herself down so that her own naked body was lying fully on top of the brunette's.

Hmmmf,” Gretchen grunted as the cheerleader’s so-hard-but-so-soft toned body weighed down on top of hers. “Not that I'm complaining, but what are you doing? My vagina is down there.”

“It's time,” Claire told her.

“Oh, God... wait. I’m not ready...”

“Trust me,” Claire purred in her ear. “You can never be ready for this. Don’t worry. Elle has really learned to control her power like a pro. We planned and practiced and experimented and rehearsed to make sure you won't get hurt. This is gonna feel good.” She kissed Gretchen, then nuzzled her nose.

Gretchen steeled herself for what was about to happen, trying without much success to keep from hyperventilating.

“You okay?” Elle said to her. “We can stop if you really don’t want to. The safety phrase is The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick.”

Gretchen giggled in spite of her anxiety. “I’m… I’m okay,” she huffed.

“Less talk, more sex,” Elle said with mock impatience. She straddled the two women and took a seat on Claire’s upturned bottom. Leaning forward, she pushed Claire's hair down out of the way and began to rub and knead her shoulders and back. Claire purred with pleasure as she kissed and nibbled Gretchen’s neck, then gasped and jerked as Elle trailed her fingertips up and down her spine. Gretchen could feel Claire’s nipples stiffen against her own.

“Did… did she start yet?” Gretchen whispered to her.

“No,” Claire whispered back. “You’ll know it when…. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! OH, MY GOD!

Claire’s entirely body arched backwards into a C-shape as Elle’s fingertips poured a moderate stream of electricity into her spinal cord, both between her shoulderblades and in the small of her back. It was far less of a jolt than Elle usually gave Claire when it was just the two of them making love… but would have been more than enough to kill her if she wasn’t immune to both damage and pain.

For Gretchen, who was very much susceptible to both those things, the effect was quite astonishing. Claire’s wriggling, squirming, indestructible body dampened most of the direct shock, and delivered the breathtaking remainder into Gretchen's. Breasts zapped breasts, belly zapped belly, thighs zapped thighs.

Claire's non-functional pain receptors remained missing in action. Her pleasure receptors were still very much on the job, however, and went up like a box of roman candles in response to Elle's lightning. Claire’s face went beet-red and convulsed as if she were screaming, but the only sound she made was a noise like gargling deep in her throat. Her rigid, vibrating body had turned into a fountain of sweat, which poured down off her all over Gretchen’s face and torso and legs.

She found just enough control over her body to reposition herself slightly, grinding her left thigh into Gretchen’s crotch, and pressing her own dripping vulva against Gretchen’s thigh.

Gretchen’s body twitched and danced like a marionette in an earthquake as power and pleasure snapped, crackled and popped between her legs and all over her. It was the best kind of sensory overload, stopping just short of pain, but coming close enough to animate her arms in a weak, insincere, and ineffective attempt to push the two raging golden-haired storm-goddesses off her.

The ordeal was just one frightening, exciting millimeter short of too much, and it stayed that way for what seemed like forever. Gretchen wept with ecstasy and clawed weakly at Claire’s back and pounded the twin loaves of Elle’s straddling thighs with her fists, but it was no use. She eventually abandoned herself to the inevitable, reaching out to the sides and grabbing hold of the bedsheets for dear life.

Claire, meanwhile, was barely conscious of anything except the exquisite intensity of Elle’s power blasting through her... like being fucked by a thunderstorm, as she liked to describe it. But she couldn’t have a true orgasm until her muscles could unclenched themselves enough to spasm. That happened just as Gretchen, writhing underneath her, took a deep, sobbing breath and let out a sound like a whistling teakettle.

Elle herself was getting the effects of her own electricity through Claire’s buttocks, feeling it buzz and zap between her labia and between her buns and along her inner thighs. It was unbearable, and the sight and sound of Claire and Gretchen’s simultaneous orgasm was the last straw that pushed her right over the edge along with them.

*    *    *    *    *

Claire, indestructible as she was, and also the most physically fit of the three girls, was the first one to regain mobility. She groaned as she sat up in the bed, brushing wet hair out of her face. The sweat that soaked her from head to toe had turned cold, making her shiver. The whole room had an ozone smell like the aftermath of a violent thunderstorm, mixed with the scent of clean but sweaty bodies and just a hint of singed hair.

Elle was splayed out in an un-ladylike position on the bed, with one leg dangling over the side, showing more wet pink than a rainy Valentine’s Day. She had one arm thrown across her face, and a faint moan of contentment was the only sign of life from her.

Gretchen was curled up on her side in a fetal position, out cold. Claire checked her breathing and felt the pulse in her neck, confirming that she was just asleep and not hurt. The exhausted brunette looked so adorable curled up like that, Claire thought. She looked like she should be sucking her thumb.

Whufffff…” Elle rolled over onto her stomach and heaved herself up into a kneeling position. She shook her head, brushed her hair out of her face, and grinned at Claire.

“That felt good.”

“Ummm, yeah. Seriously, Bishop, you play my nervous system like a frakking piano. How do you even do that?”

Elle smiled smugly. “Idiot savant, I guess. And what do you mean frakking? Are you picking up Gretchen’s nerdness?”

“No. I just love you too much right now to swear at you. Even funny swearing.” Claire knee-walked over and kissed Elle on the cheek, but Elle turned her face and put her tongue in Claire’s mouth.

It took thirty seconds for the kiss to break. “I frakking love you right back,” Elle whispered in her ear.

“Guys?” It was Gretchen, who had weakly stirred to life at the other side of the bed. “I need to pee really bad, but I don’t think I can walk to the bathroom. Honestly? I can’t even make a fist.”

“I’ve got you,” Claire said. She put her arm around the shaky young woman and helped her to her feet.

“Now I know what being a vibrator feels like,” Gretchen said dreamily.

“Yeah, that goes away after a couple of hours,” Claire told her, and helped her rubber-leg her way to the bathroom.

Claire came back to the bedroom to find Elle sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I love her,” Elle said. “I mean, I’m in love with you and only you, but I love her.”

“I feel the same way,” Claire said, sitting down next to her. “I always liked her and liked being around her, and I always was attracted to her, but… there’s something special about her. I really get off on just blowing her mind, like we did tonight.”

Elle grinned. “We did kinda go up one side of her and down the other, didn’t we?”

Claire grinned back and nodded. “I think it’s time for the Presentation of the Key.”

“I second the motion. All opposed?”

“There’s only the two of us.”

“Oh, right. Well, then, motion carried.”

Gretchen returned from the toilet, looking a little bit steadier on her feet, but not much. “Thank God I'm a girl,” she said. “If I had to aim anything to pee, I’d be apologizing to you right now about the state of your bathroom.”

“The accuracy of your pussy is greatly appreciated,” Elle told her. “Along with everything else about it. Now, Claire and I have something to give you.”

Elle had to search the floor for a few moments until she located her jeans, from the pocket of which she fished a house key. Taking it over to Gretchen, she went down on one knee and held it out to her, like a naked squire presenting a naked queen with her crown.

“Ahem. Gretchen Shprintze Berg, I hereby present you with the key to the Cabin of Weekends, and an invitation to come whenever you want. In a whole variety of ways.”

“The Cabin?” Gretchen blinked.

“It’s the cabin in the mountains Claire bought and took me to after she had me un-killed,” Elle told her. “It's our most special private place. And it’s really sweet. Coolers full of beer and grappa. Three huge beds… one too soft, one too hard, and one just right. A basement gym that doubles as an awesome sex dungeon. And a 50-inch plasma TV and entertainment system, fully stocked with our library of homemade DVD’s.”

Gretchen’s eyes went wide. “I have to see those.”

“Oh, you’ll do more than see them. You’ll co-star in them.”


“Gulp, indeed.”

“The sign over the front door says All clothes abandon, ye who enter here,” said Claire. “But this weekend we’re having one of Elle’s very private dress-up parties. Elle will be debuting her brand-new Alice in Wonderland.”

“I had to ditch the old one,” Elle added. “The pinafore was too hard to get out of without ripping it.”

“And I will be Claire Bear, Seventies Roller Disco Queen. I finally found the right kind of tube socks, with green stripes around the top.”

“I… I don’t have any costumes,” Gretchen admitted, crossing her legs to conceal her reaction to the thought of Claire in a roller disco outfit.

“I have a classic Lara Croft,” Elle said. “But I don’t have long enough legs or big enough tits to pull it off. You do. How’s your British accent?”

“Ummm… well, I know from watching PBS that schedule is pronounced shedule, and a tosser is a bad person.”

“Hmm. Well, we’ll work on it.”

“Damn,” Gretchen said, shaking her head. “Just when I think I didn’t have any more virginities left, you guys find another one to take away from me.”

“I know,” Claire said. “And I was always such a nice girl before.”

“I wasn’t,” Elle said brightly. “I was always a pervert. Perverts rule, good girls drool.”

“Uh, speaking of girls drooling?” Gretchen looked down between her legs and blushed. “Sorry about that, guys. Anybody know where my underpants got to?”

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