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"The Bronze Box" (Part 1 of 3) - Buffy/Tomb Raider/Xena crossover - NC-17 (f/f)

Title: “The Bronze Box” (Part 1 of 3)

Author: erimthar

Fandoms: Buffy, Tomb Raider, and Xena triple crossover!

Pairing: Willow Rosenberg/Lara Croft. Special appearance by Aphrodite, the goddess of love

Disclaimer: Buffy (and Willow Rosenberg) is the property of 20th Century Fox. Tomb Raider (and Lara Croft) is the property of Square Enix. Xena (and this version of Aphrodite) is the property of Universal Studios. Katy Perry is the property of Katy Perry. No infringement intended, only fun.

Rating: NC-17 (explicit f/f)

Warnings: Sort-of RPF

Notes: Written for International Day of Femslash 2014. This is an x-rated sequel to my story from several years ago, “Down the Well,” which explained how Lara Croft met Buffy and Willow, found out she was a Slayer, and had a very nice evening with Willow. Takes place between seasons 9 and 10 (comics continuation) and has minor spoilers up to that point.

Word count: 2,930 (this chapter)

Willow almost didn't recognize Lara at the airport. The last time they'd met, in a cave deep beneath the Pyrenees, she had been sporting the iconic look so famous from countless hours of video game play – clunky boots and wool socks, khaki shorts, impossibly tight top, and guns.

Today, however, she looked like she'd just stepped off the cover of a ten-dollar magazine. Her make-up was professionally and recently applied, and her hair, freed from its usual long braid, hung down her back like a shimmering torrent of dark brandy. The Little Black Dress she wore was conservative enough down below, ending just above her knees. But up above, it revealed an eye-popping quantity of the legendary Lara assets.

Willow looked around. “No paparazzi. No autograph hounds. Should I be congratulating you, or asking what's wrong?”

“Didn't you hear? They've got a new girl for the game now. I'm yesterday's news.”

Willow looked into her eyes, still getting no clue as to how she should react to that.

Then Lara broke into a dazzling smile. “Free at last,” she said.

Willow grinned. “Let's go get something to eat. Preferably somewhere with nice private booths so I can stare at your chest without being obvious about it.”

“Well. This is getting off to a promising start.”

*  *  *  *  *

“I've just been doing a photoshoot,” Lara explained later, when she and Willow were ensconced in a booth at one of Mayfair's nicer luncheon spots. “Probably the last one I'll do for a while, now that they've re-booted the game with this new young, fake version of me.”

“I was wondering how you felt about that,” said Willow. “Hard to believe a bunch of game designers can come up with stories that are more exciting than the ones that really happened to you.”

Lara shrugged. “Most people assume those were just made-up stories anyway. My life has been considerably stranger than fiction.”

“I'm right there with you on that one. So, what was the photoshoot like?”

“Oh, the usual. Me in various sexy outfits, holding a gun. Or guns. Hosiery and handguns. That's one thing I won't miss about all this. Anyway, this little frock I'm wearing was the last outfit I posed in, and since I was late to pick you up at Heathrow, I offered to buy it so I wouldn't have to take the time to change out of it. They were nice enough to let me have it as a gift, though.”

[Pic: From Lara's last photoshoot]

“I was wondering why you looked so glam,” said Willow, who was dressed in jeans, high-heeled boots from Nordstrom, and a nice but strictly off-the-rack floral blouse. “You look like you should be walking the red carpet. I look like I should be vacuuming it.”

“You look lovely, Willow,” Lara said. “You always look absolutely lovely. In fact, that's one of the reasons I asked you to come over.”

Willow took a sip of her drink and waited to hear more.

“That night we spent together after our little adventure in the Pyrenees... I've never really gotten over that. It was some of the most wonderful sex I've ever had, and you never even touched me. You did it all with spells.”

Willow studied the tablecloth. “The no-touchy thing was just my way of pretending to be faithful to my girlfriend,” she murmured.

“Kennedy, was it? A girl who apparently didn't realize how lucky she was, since I understand the two of you are no longer an item.”

“She realized how lucky she was to get rid of me. That break-up was all my fault, Lara.”

The two women sat silently sipping their drinks for a few moments.

“So,” Lara said at last, trying to sound nochalant, “have you learned any more of those nummy spells?”

“Ah.” Willow grinned mysteriously. “I just might have picked up a few new tricks. I haven't spent much time with Aluwyn recently, but I've done some independent study.”


“The goddess that I was... uh... seeing. She taught me most of that nice stuff. Surge magic.”

Lara raised an eyebrow. “Seeing her. Shagging, you mean? You were shagging a goddess?”

“Well, that doesn't sound like a very good word for it. She's very smooth, actually. Nothing shaggy about her.” Willow sipped her drink. “Smooth and slithery.”

Lara sulked. “Here I was hoping I'd find you single. Now I've got to compete with a goddess?”

“Oh, she's definitely not the monogamous type. Besides, we're kind of taking a break now. There was a little bit of drama between us last time we met. And she can't travel to our world, so I have to go see her. That makes it kind of inconvenient. Or convenient, when I’m trying to avoid her.”

“Well,” said Lara proudly, “I'll have you know that I can travel to your world whenever I like. San Francisco, that is. At least... I think I've been taken off that no-fly list. Anyway, now I'm curious. What does this goddess of yours look like? Any photos?”

Willow took out her phone. “No photos. I'm not sure photography even works in her world. But I've got this illustration from a 17th century demonology book, and I can tell you it's pretty accurate. I think Aluwyn was probably boinking the artist.”

Willow brought the picture up on her phone and handed it to Lara, who stared at it for several long moments.

“Um. Willow?”


“...She's a snake. She is a giant green snake.”

“Only from the waist down, mostly. Although she can sometimes be kind of a snake above the belt, too.”

Lara studied the picture intently. “So... how does that work? I get how she could satisfy you, but how do you get her off? I mean, apart from those enormous green tits...”

“Ooooh, look who's talking.”

“Mine are a nice healthy pink, and not as big as hers. But apart from those enormous green tits, she doesn't seem to have any sexual organs.”

“Well... how should I say this?... she kind of is a sexual organ.”

Lara stared. “My imagination is running wild,” she said.

“Then it's probably running pretty close to the truth. She's just exactly the right girth to wrap my arms and legs around and...”

Mooooving on,” said Lara, and thumbed to the next picture on the phone. “Oh, my. Who is this luscious brunette with the Bahama Girl tan?”

Willow fidgeted. “That's Kennedy.”

Lara ogled. “Is that a bikini she's wearing, or did you just draw some lines on her with a black ballpoint pen?”

“That was in Brazil, during Carnival.”

“Oh, say no more. Hmmm...” Lara thumbed to another picture. Willow gritted her teeth.

Lara's eyes went wide. “Why, hello there. Kennedy certainly does have sexual organs, doesn't she?”

Willow turned bright red and snatched her phone back. Lara laughed.

“Willow, do you keep a Wank Bank on your phone? Naked pictures of your old girlfriends to keep you company during your special alone times?”

“Videos, too,” Willow muttered. “And no, you can't see 'em. I've got lots of alone time.”

“Well, green or tan, phallic or yonic... I certainly envy those ladies.”

Willow relaxed. “You want to add yourself to the library? If I had pics like that of you, I could sell 'em for big bucks. You're a celebrity, and the whole horny world has been clamoring for a good look at those Lara Croft jugs, bouncing free.”

“As if a good Wiccan feminist like you would sell me out to pornographers,” Lara scoffed.

“You're right,” Willow admitted. “They'd be strictly for my frequent personal use. Which brings us back to the question of this booty call you summoned me across the Atlantic for.”

“Ah. I'll have you know my motives aren't purely lustful. Mostly, but not purely. I wasn't lying when I said I had an archeological dilemma you could help me with. A magical archeological dilemma. And, um, I know from very definite personal experience that you're exceptionally good at the type of magic involved.”

“You do, huh?” Willow flashed a wicked grin. Under the table, she slipped off one of her boots and reached over with her foot until she found Lara's bare ankle, just above the straps of her shoe. She caressed the ankle with her toes, then hooked her foot around and slid her instep up the back of Lara's calf.

Lara smiled as she sipped at her drink. “Is that a yes?” she purred.

“No,” Willow purred back. “This is a yes.”

Willow lifted her drink, took the plastic straw into her mouth, and ran the tip of her tongue up and down it.

Lara gasped, her whole body flinching. “Oh my God... Willow... is that you doing that? With magic?”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Willow affirmed. “Mmmmmmmmm,” she added, holding the straw between her lips and making it vibrate with the humming. She kept it up until her lips were forced into a grin at the comical look this produced on Lara's beautiful face.

For the next several minutes, Willow licked her way up and down that little plastic tube, curling and uncurling her tongue around it, swirling it clockwise and counter-clockwise around the tip. Lara, eyes closed, gripped the table with both hands and clenched her teeth, producing an increasingly desperate variety of soft groans, gasps, and little coughing noises. Soon, it would be enough to start attracting attention from the other diners...

Willow finally decided to show mercy, and slowly sucked a stream of orange juice, vodka and crushed ice up through the straw and into her mouth.

Hrrrrrggggg,” said Lara, and lurched forward over the table, her face going beet-red. Willow calmly finished her drink and gave her companion all the time she needed.

That turned out to be quite a long time. Lara tried her best to conceal what was happening to her from the surrounding diners, but failed miserably. They were treated to the sight of a beautiful, well-dressed, quite famous woman sitting there having a very intense and very obvious orgasm in public.

But she was a master practitioner of the ancient British virtue of keeping calm and carrying on. She didn't try to speak until she'd regained enough composure not to stammer.

At last, she sighed cleared her throat. “If you've finished your drink,” she said to Willow, “I think I'd best pay the bill and get us back to my townhouse as quickly as possible so we can tackle that little problem of mine. But first, I need to visit the ladies'. I'm not wearing any knickers, and I've made rather a mess of my thighs.”

Willow finished off her drink as Lara got up and headed toward the bathroom as steadily as she could, followed by many eyes indeed.

That accent of hers is so sexy, Willow thought. It's gonna be like going down on Mary Poppins.

*  *  *  *  *

Lara's townhouse in Belgravia dated from the time of George the Second or Third or something, and was full of marble and dark wood. Lara said it was originally built for the ambassador from the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Willow had no idea there was more than one Sicily, and so she remained silent.

Willow followed Lara up the narrow but sweeping staircase to the second floor (Lara called it the first floor, but she was British and thus bad at counting floors). Willow managed to stay just enough stair steps behind and below Lara that she had a perfect eye-level view of the Tomb Raider's lovely bubble butt, and the flexing of her thigh and calf muscles as she ascended the stairs. Xander would be proud of Will’s girl-watching technique.

Lara's bedroom was surprisingly cozy, considering the museum-like architecture of the place. The hard marble floor was covered with a variety of oriental carpets, and the walls were hung with tapestries and other artifacts that looked… with good reason… like they'd been looted from some ancient treasure trove. (“These things belong in a museum,” Indiana Jones would have said. “Screw that,” Lara would have replied.)

Willow spotted the bronze box right away, sitting on Lara's dressing table. It was maybe nine inches long, five wide, and four deep. Two large, sturdy locks held it firmly closed.

The lid was inlaid with some ancient Greek lettering in a silver metal, as well as a very interesting picture in silhouette. The picture clearly depicted two women. One lay on her back, her legs flailing in the air and her head and shoulders lurching off the ground. The other female figure knelt astride her hips, with her hands resting on her partner's belly and her head thrown back in a scream of ecstasy.

“Wow,” Willow said. “Ancient Greek lesbian pornography.”

“It's not from Lesbos, though,” Lara said with a smirk. “It's from further south. Kythira.”

“Where did you get it?”

“Well, that's an interesting story in itself. You see, my first introduction to archeology came while I was going to school at Gordonstoun... that's up in Scotland. There was a visiting professor of archeology there, in her eighties and retired from field work... Dr. Janice Covington was her name. An American. She was a crazy old bird, but a lot of fun. She was apparently an out lesbian, way back in the days when that was a very inconvenient thing to be. Anyway, she took a liking to me... no, not that kind of a liking. At least I don't think so. She was still devoted to her partner, who'd died years earlier.

“Anyway, it seems old Dr. Covington passed on just recently, and she left this box to me in her will for some reason. No note, no explanation. And no key to open it with. In fact, I don't see any keyholes. Just two very solid locks that won't budge with any amount of effort.”

“Have you tried smashing it open with a hammer?” Willow asked.

Lara gave her a horrified look.

“Just kidding. Hm. This box radiates magic. Pretty strong magic. Surge magic, which isn't surprising, given the, uh, subject matter of the illustration.”

“Magic?” Lara sat down on the edge of her bed. “You can read the writing, can't you?”

“Yes. It's a pretty old version of Attic Greek, but it reads... loosely translated... Just what it says on the tin.

Lara smiled. “And you would interpret that as meaning...?”

Willow thought for a moment. “That you have to do what's depicted on the box. It opens when two people have sex.”

“When two women have sex, I'd say,” Lara corrected,

“I agree,” Willow said.

“I really want to know what's in that box, Willow. So, in the name of science, may I make passionate and energetic love to you right now?”

Willow found that her throat had gone a bit dry. “What if it doesn't work?”

Lara shrugged. “Then I'm no worse off than I was before, and I will have had sex with a beautiful and fascinating woman who, truth be told, I'm just a little bit obsessed with.”

Willow smiled. “Boy, was that ever the right answer.”

Lara stood up. She daintily pushed the straps of her dress off each of her shoulders, and let her Little Black Dress slide down to pool around her ankles, like the unveiling of a great work of art.

Willow gaped at her. “Wow,” she said incisively. “You're naked.”

“Well spotted,” Lara purred. She stepped gracefully out of the dress and strolled over to Willow in nothing but her strappy high heels. “What are you going to do about it?”

“I... I hardly know where to start.”

“Well, I believe you were expressing an interest in my breasts earlier.”

Willow stared at the breasts in question, and swallowed hard. “Yes, but... that's kind of stereotypical, isn't it? I mean, everybody wants a crack at Lara Croft's boobs. It's so predictable...”

“Willow,” Lara said patiently. “Shut up and suck me.”

“Yes, ma'am,” Willow replied obediently.

Willow had to admit, she was a little bit of a fangirl. If she'd been told back in her high school days that one day she'd be standing in a ritzy London flat with Lara Croft's left nipple in her mouth, she'd have... well, she'd have gone into the bathroom, pulled down her nerdy colored tights, and masturbated until she heard one of her parents come home.

Lara's breathing quickened as her nipple rapidly stiffened under Willow's tongue. Then it was the other one's turn.

“So, do they meet with your approval?” Lara asked.

“Mmmm-hmmm!” Willow said, her mouth full.

“How do they compare with those giant green goddess tits?”

Willow released the nipple and gave Lara a long lick up the deep valley of her cleavage. “Her nipples don't actually appear until you've licked her breasts for a while. They're a nice shade of purple, and they give milk. It's about 80 proof and has a slightly hallucinogenic effect.”

“You're pulling my leg,” Lara said.

“Not yet. Would you like me to? Because it's a really, really nice leg.”

Lara took a deep breath. “Willow. Why are you still wearing clothes?”

“Because you haven't taken them off me yet.”

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