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"The Bronze Box" (Part 2 of 3) - Buffy/Tomb Raider/Xena crossover - NC-17 (f/f)

Title: “The Bronze Box” (Part 2 of 3)

Author: erimthar

Fandoms: Buffy, Tomb Raider, and Xena triple crossover!

Pairing: Willow Rosenberg/Lara Croft. Special appearance by Aphrodite, the goddess of love

Disclaimer: Buffy (and Willow Rosenberg) is the property of 20th Century Fox. Tomb Raider (and Lara Croft) is the property of Square Enix. Xena (and this version of Aphrodite) is the property of Universal Studios. Katy Perry is the property of Katy Perry. No infringement intended, only fun.

Rating: NC-17 (explicit f/f)

Warnings: Sort-of RPF

Notes: Written for International Day of Femslash 2014. This is an x-rated sequel to my story from several years ago, “Down the Well,” which explained how Lara Croft met Buffy and Willow, found out she was a Slayer, and had a very nice evening with Willow. Takes place between seasons 9 and 10 (comics continuation) and has minor spoilers up to that point.

Word count: 2,881 (this chapter)

...Continued from Part 1

Lara gave Willow a wicked grin and sank to her knees. The young witch was wearing blue jeans and a blouse that buttoned up the front. Simple enough. Willow gave a little gasp as Lara put her mouth up against her denim-clad crotch. She thrust her tongue into the fly and fished out the zipper pull, then tugged it down with her teeth. A flick of Lara's fingers undid the button, and a two-handed tug lowered the jeans down to Willow's knees. Revealing... a really not very sexy pair of Y-front briefs.

Willow blushed. “Sorry about the tighty-whities. Not the latest in seductive lingerie, I know, but... when I got dressed this morning, I wasn't expecting...”

“Willow,” Lara assured her, “your knickers are very soon going to be the mootest of moot points.”

Willow moaned softly and had to reach out to grasp the dressing table for support as Lara smothered both of her white, freckled thighs with wet, licky tongue-kisses until they glistened with saliva.

Lara pulled Willow's pants the rest of the way down to her ankles and, leaving them there, turned her attention to the blouse. She slowly popped the buttons open one by one, starting with the bottom one and working her way up, until...

“Yeah, unsexy bra, too,” Willow said apologetically. “I'll do better next time. I promise. I have a $100 gift card for Frederick's of Hollywood. I just haven’t had a chance to get to the mall…”

Lara just grinned and pushed the blouse back off Willow's shoulders, letting it fall to the floor behind her. Then she stood back to admire her work. A beautiful redhead with freckles instead of any sort of tan, her pants around her ankles, clad in soccer-mom underwear.

Lara gracefully sat down in an upholstered chair facing Willow, opened her legs, and languidly began to play with herself. “Willow,” she instructed, “please take off your bra for me. Slowly.”

Her heart pounding, Willow reached around and unhooked the clasp. She caught her breath as her 32B's said hello to the world, and she felt the cool air of the room against their bare pinkness. She held her bra out at arm's length by one of the straps, and let it drop to the floor.

“Lovely,” Lara murmured, stroking herself.

“I have to say,” Willow said, “my boobs feel a little bit intimidated right now.”

“Your boobs and my boobs are going to become great friends before this night is over. Now. Your underpants, Willow, if you please. Slowly again. All the way down to your ankles.”

Biting her lip and blushing furiously, Willow hooked her thumbs into her elastic waistband and, taking a moment to steady her spinning head, slowly pushed her panties down the length of her legs until they joined her jeans, bunched around her ankles. Then she straightened up for inspection, her hands clasped awkwardly in front of her.

Lara ogled her up and down for a long few moments, still masturbating. “God, you're beautiful. You've shaved since the last time. Clean as a whistle down there.”

Willow nodded.

“Turn around,” Lara ordered. “Let me see your bare bottom.”

Willow complied, turning around with tiny awkward steps because of the pants around her ankles.

Lara sighed with satisfaction. “Open your legs a bit. Bend over and touch your ankles.”

Willow spread her legs as wide as her jeans would allow, then bent over, giving Lara an excellent view of everything she had.

Lara didn't say anything for quite a while, and Willow finally peered at her, backwards and upside down through her own legs. “Everything OK?” she inquired.

Oh, God, Willow...” Lara sobbed in an odd, high-pitched voice. “Guuuuhhh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Aaaaaaaahhhhh....”

Willow straightened up and turned around. “Hey. Leave some of that for me,” she teased.

Oooooohhhhhh. Huh. Uh. Plenty... plenty more where that came from.”

Lara shook her head and recovered quickly. “That's two times I've gotten off tonight, and there you stand with none at all yet. You must think me a terrible hostess.”

She pushed herself up out of the chair, and clinched Willow in a breathtakingly passionate kiss. Willow's legs gave out, and Lara picked her right up and cradled her in her arms.

“Goddess. So strong,” Willow said dreamily. “You Slayers are so exciting.”

Lara carried her over to a red upholstered chair and gently set her down in it. With a bit of effort, she untangled Willow's ankles from the crumpled jeans and panties, and then pulled off her boots. Without a word, she lifted both of Willow's feet and set them on the edge of the chair, giving her very clear access to all of the redhead's most private bits.

As Willow sat there watching her, breathing hard, waiting, Lara popped both of her middle fingers into her mouth, making them wet with saliva.

“I... I don't know if I can take two fingers in my vagina right away,” Willow protested breathlessly. “It’s been so long since I...”

“Only one of them is going in your vagina,” Lara interrupted.

“What? Then where....? Ooooohhhh.” Willow went wide-eyed as Lara's meaning dawned on her.

“Is that alright?” Lara asked. “Do I have your permission?”

Willow felt herself getting a little light-headed and realized she was hyperventilating a bit. She nodded.

“Good,” Lara purred. Willow closed her eyes as Lara lowered her hand in between her legs. She hissed and groaned and arched her back as the woman's long finger slid deep, deep, deep into her canal. Then she sobbed as the other one pressed against her anus and penetrated equally deep into her ass.

Lara put her mouth into Willow's crotch and started licking her... everywhere. Her labia and clit and groin and mound and her belly and her inner thighs... sometimes fast, sometimes slow, absolutely without mercy. Oh, she was good at it...

She began moving her fingers inside Willow, with a beckoning, stroking motion that caused the one in her vagina to brush right against her sweet spot. The licking... the tickling, inside and outside. It had been so long since Willow had last had sex with anyone but her own right hand, and it was coming so fast...

“Getting close?” Lara asked.

Willow nodded. “It feels like I'm gonna pee and poop and come all at the same time,” she whimpered.

“I hope you'll hold off on the first two and concentrate on the last,” Lara said severely. Then she did something incredible with her tongue and Willow came so hard she thought she was going to die.

*  *  *  *  *

As her mind started to come back into focus, the first thing Willow saw was Lara standing there with her iPhone held up to her eye.

“Omigod, did you just take my picture?” Willow squealed. She reflexively thrust her right hand down over her crotch and her left arm across her breasts. An utterly ridiculous, utterly adorable gesture.

“So why should you be the only one who gets to maintain a Wank Bank?” Lara said defiantly. “Besides, I fully intend to give you quite a little collection to take home. Last summer I had a lovely young student from SOAS here to help me catalogue my collection. Things got a little bit naughty between us, I’m proud to say. Anyway, she was quite a keen glamour photographer and she took several good photos of me posing. I’ll let you have copies. I’m thoroughly naked in some of them.”

[Pic: Wank Bank Willow. NSFW!!!]

[Pic: Lara thoroughly naked in one of them. NSFW!!!]

“You let a college student take naked pictures of you? Oh, Lara… your boobies are totally going to be all over the Internet.”

Lara smiled. “You want to know a secret? That thought excites me quite a bit more than it worries me.”

“Me too. So, did we unlock that box?”

“Oh! I completely forgot. You were distracting me so.”

They found one of the two locks open and hanging loosely over the side of the lid. The other lock, however, was still fastened as tightly as ever.

“Oh, poop,” said Lara. “Well, we’re halfway there at least.”

“And you know what we need to do to open the other one,” Willow said. She pointed at the picture on the lid. “Two orgasms there. Two orgasms here.”

Lara batted her eyelashes coyly. “Does that mean it’s my turn?”

In response, Willow waggled her fingers. Lara yelped in shock as she found herself lifted right up off the floor. Willow turned the palm of her hand horizontally, and Lara flipped over onto her back in midair. Then she slowly sailed halfway across the room until she was right over the middle of her big four-poster bed. Willow made a fist, and Lara plopped down onto the bed on her back with an oooof.

“Subtle!” Lara cried.

“Horny,” Willow replied.

In a moment Willow had joined her on the bed and made quite a thorough project of licking her way up and down Lara’s long, muscular legs. Lara shivered with pleasure, and very soon was more than ready for anything Willow might care to do next.

Willow straightened up, kneeling and sitting on her heels between Lara’s wide-open legs. “You look pornographic,” she said. “How long has it been since you last had your muffin munched?”

Lara thought a moment, and grimaced. “Eight months. Not since my student photographer friend.”

“Ooooh, you’re due. Well, since it’s been so long, I’ll go easy on you. Wait… no. No, I won’t.”

Willow snuggled down in position and took a good, close look at Lara’s equipment. Her big, puffy lips gracefully framing the hot-pink interior… the chickpea-sized bulb of her clit… the neatly trimmed black pubic hair. If vaginas had beauty contests, this one would be Miss Universe.

Lara bit her lip as she felt Willow’s red hair tickle her tummy, and her red tongue tickle everything else. She knew she wasn’t going to last long, but by carefully clenching certain muscles and controlling her breathing, she hoped to hold out at least a minute or two before totally embarrassing herself.

Willow lost herself in the delicious taste of Miss Universe, and the feeling of those beautiful hips and thighs slowly squirming and gyrating around her head. Lara had one leg wrapped tightly around Willow’s back, as if greedily trying to keep her from going anywhere. The other leg was thrust out straight into the bedsheets, and seemed to have begun shaking uncontrollably.

Willow looked up along Lara’s heaving belly as her tongue continued lap-lap-lapping away with a steady rhythm. In the foreground, the Tomb Raider was un-gently handling those giant breasts of hers… grabbing and kneading and squeezing them, pinching and twisting and pulling the erect nipples. Through the deep valley of cleavage, Willow could see Lara’s face, eyes closed, mouth open, slowly rolling from side to side.

Despite her determined efforts, Lara didn’t quite make it to the one-minute mark.

Because of her time with Kennedy, Willow had developed instinctive self-defense skills to avoid being injured by a super-strong Slayer lover busting out a super-strong Slayer orgasm. By wrapping her arms firmly around Lara’s flailing thighs, she managed to avoid a painful knee in the ribs.

The bigger concern was that Lara’s frantic howling would have the police knocking at their door in minutes. Willow really hoped these big old buildings were soundproof.

She planted kisses all over Lara’s sweaty neck and face as the beautiful adventuress slowly came down from the heights. It was several minutes before the exhausted Lady Croft could do anything but pant and giggle.

“Sweet holy mother of fuck, that felt good,” was the first thing she was able to say. “Did you use some kind of magic to enhance your tongue?”

“No,” Willow answered, kissing Lara on the lips. “But thanks for thinking I did.”

“That was the most incredible… no. I won’t spoil it trying to put it in words.”

“I think we opened up your box,” Willow said.

“You certainly did,” Lara purred dreamily.

“No, that box. The one on your dresser.”

“Oh! Right! Because that’s what we were doing.”

Lara’s contribution to the process had been emphatic enough that not only had the second lock popped open, but the lid itself had flipped open as well.

“Careful,” Willow warned, peering in. “Whatever’s in there is radiating a lot more magic than the box itself. Hmmm. But it’s Surge Magic.”

“Dangerous?” Lara asked.

“Not unless we do something really stupid. Surge Magic is life magic. It can’t be used for weapons or traps or anything that hurts or kills.”

Willow carefully reached into the box and pulled out the item inside.

The two women stared at it in silence for a few moments, taking it in.

“Well, I guess I should get this discussion started,” Lara said. “It’s a penis. It’s a big gold penis.”

“It’s about one-point-five gold penises, actually,” Willow amended. “This is a very big boy. And… it’s got a trailer hitch?”

The item Willow held was a very accurately crafted solid gold replica of a male sex organ, complete with veins, thick ridge of muscle along the underside, bulbous head, and a real hole in the tip that seemed to lead down the center of the shaft. There were no golden testicles, but a handle extended out from the base. After a couple of inches it curved upward at a right angle to the main shaft and ended in something roughly the shape of a hen’s egg, though about half the size of one.

“I guess ancient Greek women needed a bit of help getting through dry spells, too,” Lara offered. “But why is it magic? And what’s with the trailer hitch?”

They studied it for a few more moments, thinking.

“You know what?” Willow said. “I think this is like an ancient Greek strap-on, without a strap. Top Girl would stick this egg thing up into her vagina and grip it with her muscles… then the shaft would stick out from between her thighs at just the right angle to go to town on Bottom Girl.”

“Or Bottom Boy!”

“Or Boy Bottom,” Willow agreed with a laugh. “These were ancient Greeks, after all.”

Lara nodded. “I sure would like to know where the magic comes in, though.”

“Well,” purred Willow, “there’s one way to find out.”

Lara went wide-eyed at the obvious suggestion. “Willow, this thing is encrusted in two thousand years worth of grime. And God only knows how many places it’s been in that time. How many people it's been in.”

“Not a problem.” Willow laid the golden phallus down on the dresser and made a few hand gestures over it while speaking a couple lines of ancient Latin. The phallus glowed brightly for a moment, and then lay there gleaming as if it had just come from the goldsmith’s forge.

“What was that?” Lara asked.

“The first two lines of the Saaamaaa Ritual. A powerful cleansing ceremony created by the Ab-Human Priests of Lost… well, never mind. The last two lines are capable of banishing anything evil... even a god... back to Hell, and re-writing time and reality. It’s what they used to banish the Old Ones thousands of years ago. The first two lines are really useful for getting out tough stains, cleaning toilets without having to bend over, and sterilizing ancient golden dildos.”

“Willow, haven't you ever seen Antiques Roadshow? You're not supposed to clean old things!”

Willow made a face. “Were you planning to take your giant gold penis on Antiques Roadshow?”

Lara sighed. “I guess I’ll have to trust you, Magic Mojo Girl. But that trailer hitch is going in you, not in me.”

“I’ll do my best,” Willow said, with a hint of trepidation.

“What are we dealing with here, anyway?” Lara asked rhetorically. She opened one of the drawers of her dresser, pulled out a tape measure, and measured the length of the shaft.

“Nineteen and a half centimeters,” she announced. Then she wrapped the tape around the shaft to measure its girth. “Fifteen and a quarter centimeters. This is a very big boy.”

“But, hey… it’s all in the name of discovery, right?”

“Yes, well. I’ve had sex with a man exactly three times in my life, the last time over ten years ago. I don’t use dildos when I masturbate. This is going to be far and away the biggest thing I’ve ever had inside me. So if you don’t mind, I’ll drive.”

“My pleasure,” Willow shrugged.

They carried the phallus back to the bed, where Willow got comfortable on her back with a couple of pillows under her head and shoulders while Lara went to fetch some lube. After slathering it generously and saying a little prayer to whatever kind goddesses might be listening, she pressed the egg between her labia and gently shoved as hard as she could.

...Concluded in Part 3

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